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The First Task of a Leader Is to Define Core Values

(Matthew 6:1-7:27)


In the first sermon recorded in his Gospel, Matthew spotlights Jesus' major emphasis on values. Jesus knew His first task was to provide a set of core values for His men. Note Jesus' list of core values:

  1. Do the right things for the right reasons (6:1-8, 16-18).

  2. Pray God's agenda, not your own (6:9-13).

  3. Relationships will make or beak you (6:14,15).

  4. Prioritize eternal things, not temporal things (6:19-24).

  5. Don't sweat the small stuff (6:25-31,34).

  6. God's kingdom is paramount: seek it first (6:32,33).

  7. Judge yourself before you judge others (7:1-6).

  8. If you need something, ask; if you have something, give it (7:7-12).

  9. Stay true to your convictions; don't wander from the narrow path (7:13-20).

  10. Obedience to God is the only sure foundation for life (7:21-27).

If you're still not convinced that Jesus gives a list of core values here, look at Matthew 7:12, where He summarizes the Law in a single statement.

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