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Feature Sponsorship

Our Feature Sponsorship Package is designed to provide your brand with maximum exposure and engagement over a 3-month period. As a feature sponsor, your brand will enjoy prominent visibility across multiple platforms, giving you the opportunity to connect with our dedicated audience of Christian hip-hop and R&B enthusiasts.

Featured Sponsor Recognition

Your brand prominently featured as a top sponsor during a specific high-traffic show or time slot of your choice.


On-Air Mentions

Regular on-air mentions during the sponsored show, reinforcing your brand's presence with our listeners.


Exclusive Website Placement

Your brand logo showcased on our website's homepage as a featured sponsor, with a direct link to your website for increased traffic and engagement.


Social Media Spotlight

Regular social media posts and mentions across all our platforms, highlighting your brand's association with BB&E Radio and engaging our loyal followers.


Sponsor Spotlight Interview

Exclusive interview or feature segment during the sponsored show, providing a deeper connection with our audience and showcasing your brand's values and mission.


Custom Content 

Creation of custom content such as sponsored playlists, behind-the-scenes content, or artist spotlights to further promote your brand's message and offerings.


*Package Price:**

The 3-Month Feature Sponsorship Package is priced at $1,500.


**Additional Opportunities:**

- **Event Collaboration**: Opportunity to co-host or sponsor BB&E Radio events during the sponsorship period, fostering direct engagement with our audience and community.

- **Contest/Giveaway**: Sponsor a contest or giveaway to create excitement and boost brand visibility.

- **Guest Blog/Newsletter**: Feature your brand in our newsletters or publish a guest blog to further engage our audience and drive traffic to your website.


**Customization Available:**

We understand that each brand's needs are unique. We are open to tailoring the sponsorship package to align with your specific marketing goals and budget. Let's collaborate to create a customized plan that maximizes the impact of your brand's association with BB&E Radio.


**Join BB&E Radio in Spreading Positive Vibes!**

Our mission is to connect our listeners with inspiring music and uplifting messages. Partner with us to become an integral part of this movement. Secure your spot as a Feature Sponsor and elevate your brand's presence in the Christian hip-hop and R&B community.


For inquiries and to reserve your sponsorship, contact our advertising and sponsorship team at or call (210) 941-2BBE. Let's make a lasting impact together!

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