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Basic Sponsorship

Our 1-Month Sponsorship Package offers a concentrated burst of brand visibility and engagement, allowing your brand to connect with our passionate audience of Christian hip-hop and R&B enthusiasts. This short-term sponsorship is designed to make a significant impact in a shorter timeframe.

Show Sponsor Recognition

Your brand featured as a show sponsor during a prime time slot or one of our popular shows for the entire month.


On-Air Shout-Outs

Regular on-air mentions during the sponsored show, reinforcing your brand's message and creating top-of-mind awareness


Website Exposure

Your brand logo displayed prominently on our website's sponsor section throughout the month, linking to your website for increased traffic.


Social Media Promotion

Regular social media posts and mentions across all our platforms, engaging our loyal followers and showcasing your brand's connection with BB&E Radio.


Customized Promotion

Tailor-made promotional opportunities, such as sponsored content or product spotlights, to align with your specific marketing objectives.


**Package Price:**

The 1-Month Sponsorship Package is priced at $1,000.


**Additional Opportunities:**

- **Event Involvement**: Participate in a BB&E Radio event during the sponsorship period to connect directly with our audience.

- **Artist Interview**: Co-host an exclusive artist interview or spotlight session to highlight your brand's association with up-and-coming talent.

- **Limited-Time Offers**: Promote exclusive limited-time offers or discounts during the sponsorship month to drive sales and engagement.


**Customization Available:**

We understand that your brand's marketing needs are unique. We are open to customizing the sponsorship package to align with your specific objectives and budget. Let's collaborate to create a tailored plan that maximizes your brand's exposure on BB&E Radio.


**Partner with BB&E Radio and Amplify Your Brand!**

Our station is dedicated to spreading positivity and connecting listeners with meaningful music. Partner with us to elevate your brand's presence within the Christian hip-hop and R&B community.


For inquiries and to secure your sponsorship, contact our advertising and sponsorship team at or call (210) 941-2BBE. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to reach a highly engaged audience in just one month!

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